Monday, 12 December 2011

The housewife Julie

The housewife Julie
Put on some techno
And took some crystal meth
There was only 5 hours before Peter returned,
The house was a tip.
‘He will be livid!’, she panicked.

So she started doing what she could,
Indeed whatever she could muster
Dusting books, dusting wood,
She even dusted a duster.

There was only 4 hours now.

Julie took another line of crystal meth,
And put on some more techno,
A more underground variety this time,
Proper minimal.

2 hours now
She ran around the house some more
1 hour now
She took some more meth
0 hours now!
Peter arrived into his home
‘What a mess!’ he thought,
Looking at his overdosing wife on the sofa…
‘Not again.’

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